Who are we?
Simon Brecher and Company, Inc. is a thoroughly unique real estate consulting firm, specializing in the area of property tax assessment in the five boroughs of New York City.
As an adjunct, we perform analyses of Income and Expense statements using our own detailed statistical research, comparisons and analysis of I&E trends. We have years of experience in dealing with virtually any type of portfolio, including: office, loft and industrial buildings as large as one million square feet, multi-family rental properties and co-ops. Our client list reads like a Who's Who of the real estate industry in New York City.

A representative sample of our numerous services includes:

* Analysis and Reduction of Property Assessment
Our unique approach to assessment reduction puts us in a class of our own, and our intimate knowledge of the Department of Finance's assessing policies and procedures gives us a leading edge in reducing our clients' property tax assessments and strategically positioning their portfolios assessments for the future. The root of our program is a specialized series of reports geared towards providing our clients with a fundamental understanding of each property's assessment, and the I&E and market issues that affect and determine the assessment.

* Analytical Reporting of Income and Expenses
We have developed a highly accurate system of pinpointing Income and Expense anomalies on any given property as compared to developed norms for like properties in similar areas. Our reports have a dual purpose: 1. to show how a property's income and/or expenses may (positively or negatively) affect its assessment and 2. as a managerial tool, pointing out potential areas of focus for the owner or manager. We can also take a direct hand in correcting certain matters.

* Department of Finance (DOF) & Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Account Review
We review all Finance and DEP accounts for errors, mispostings, lapsed credits, over-billing and the like, which can often lead to very large refunds. Moreover, we are very careful to address only issues that would not normally be corrected by Finance or DEP in their regular course of business, thus ensuring that our clients do not pay for unnecessary services.

* RPIE and TC201 Consulting
Prior to our clients' filing of forms with Finance and/or the Tax Commission, we review the Income and Expense statements to verify that all expense items have been properly reported per the appropriate agency's rules. This further allows us to point out missing expense data, and to compare the RPIE to our norms so that we can point out any anomalies for the property owner or manager to research and correct prior to filing. At the same time, we check the property data description in Finance's database as compared to our clients' information. The client or we can then correct erroneous data in Finances database.

As a result of our proven results and hands-on servicing, we currently represent many of the largest and most prestigious real estate operations in New York City, and we'd be honored to add your organization to our list of satisfied clients!